MICHAELA STRACHAN is a well known TV presenter. She has been presenting since 1986 on a variety of programmes from The Wide Awake Club to The Hitman And Her, The Really Wild Show to Michaela’s Wild Challenge, Elephant Diaries to Countryfile to Springwatch and many many more. She started off presenting children’s programmes but these days is known as a wildlife presenter and has travelled all over the world filming animals and conservation projects.

Short Bio

Michaela is one of TVs best loved wildlife presenters. She has a huge amount of enthusiasm and compassion for animals. Her style is engaging and she has a great sense of humour. Michaela is probably best known for presenting wildlife programmes, ‘The Really Wild Show’. ‘Michaela’s Wild Challenge’, ‘Orangutan Diaries’, ‘Elephant Diaries’, ‘Michaela’s Zoo Babies’, ‘Animal Rescue Squad’, ‘Countryfile’, ‘Springwatch’, ‘Autumnwatch’ and ‘Winterwatch’. Fans from the 80s will remember fondly ‘The Wide Awake Club’, and the cult late night show ‘The Hitman And Her’.
Michaela  joined Chris Packham and Martin Hughes-Games in 2011 to become part of the presenting team of Autumnwatch, Springwatch and Winterwatach for the BBC which she continues to present. This is just a short, rather official summary, for a more detailed biog, if you have the time, get a cup of coffee and read through the rambling biog, it comes with pictures!!


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How beautiful is a bluebell wood? A carpet of purple and a real sign of Spring. Did you know almost half the world’s bluebells are found in the UK? They can take years to recover from footfall damage so enjoy the purple spectacle from the path and take care not to trample.


My brother and his partner have started collecting vintage action men and Cindy dolls. Yes we’re a quirky family! But did anyone else have Havoc? A Mary Quant doll that came with a motorbike and a machine gun!!

‘South Africa on Sunday revealed plans to ban the breeding of lions in captivity for trophy hunting or for tourists to pet.’ Woke up to this news. My partner filmed the doc ‘Bloodlions’. So proud that it helped to make a difference.

Day 11. End of Hotel Quarantine. Yey! Now get to see my lovely mum. Bit chilly but been on lovely walk and had tea in the garden.

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